A Hermit's Way of Looking at Life

The photo-manipulations works here show the artist’s recent experience of how it is when breaking off from the world, trying to counter the system and living almost off-the-grid and looking at life in a different perspective. The artist chose to live in his hometown in the Philippines, stayed in their family’s house for 2 1/2 weeks without talking with anyone in person, with only the internet as his window, while doing his everyday life of just cooking, working on commissioned works, swimming, watching films, making guitar music and creating reflections on the life he experienced particulary related to the memories he had with members of his family.

During the artist’s reclusive and almost hermitic time, the artist argues that if you go away from all distractions and immerse yourself in a place where you are alone, from all the ups and downs of the modern world’s fast-paced society, you will see and remember things much clearly.


Michael Vincent Manalo回到菲律賓的家鄉,回歸自我、斷絕與世界的連結,企圖以不同的觀點重新省視生活;面對著一扇窗,與生活周遭的親人好友,毫無言語交談長達近三週,每天的日常生活不過是煮煮飯、做做接案的工作、游泳、看影片、編個吉他的曲…等,就在這段期間,Manalo特別思考的是他生命經驗中與家族成員的過往記憶。深居簡出且隱逸的這段時間,Manalo認為如果遠離節奏快速的現代社會及起伏不定的心緒,藉由獨處於一個空間,將能夠更清楚地察覺那些容易遺忘的事情。