Melancholy in Euphoria 

This work shows the sadness in happiness during the artist's travels around Taiwan - hot summer skies replaced by an overwhelming brightness of neon lights at night and combining both to show the melancholy of it and cheerfulness of the travels, both at the same time. 

There is an image that surfaced in my head when I came back
to Taiwan, like a reflection of how I remember this part of the
world; from the travelling that I did with a collective here in
Taiwan, I always had a picture in mind of the lights and the
clouds - the colorful neon lights that provoke a sense of
euphoria at night with the contrasting summer skies creating a
dreamy atmosphere around the bustling Taiwanese cities at

In this work, I would like to show the exuberance of these
lights combined with the summer skies both at the same time
showing the melancholy of it, both at the same time. A
reflection of the nomadic experience I had in Taiwan – joyful
and at times nostalgic.

Installation | Park Lane by Splendor Mall
Taichung, Taiwan