Melancholy in Euphoria II

The Melancholy in Euphoria is an interactive installation, which intends to realize a dream. By intending to concretize a memory using videos collected around some specific areas the artist found memorable during his stay in Kaohsiung, these will then be projected on synthetic clouds in a dark room, together with this, composed music from collected sources in the area will be put together. This will be done to spark a reaction to space and subjectivity of another’s mind through the said mediums. With the self inside an inflatable ball, the goal will be to provide an environment similar to the artist’s perception of memory as persistent as it is. The view from inside the ball will represent the etherealness and the persistence of the memory during the nomadic experiences, as if concretizing a memory for the intention of making another feel the memory.

PIER 2 Art Center
Kaohsiung, Taiwan, 2015