Tales from Preston within a Lightbox

History presents itself in many forms – from books, to manuscripts, from old newspapers to film documentaries, from spoken word to memories of old, but what if wecould recreate history complete with the essence that will take us back to thattime? What if we could include those small fragments of history and put itinside a box for us to see, smell and even hear? 

“Tales from Prestonwithin a box” is about portraying and recreating the important historical events that have shaped the city from being a small industrial settlement to beinga rich multicultural urban space, home to many artists and athletes through an installation consisting of surreal imagery embodying those events. Combined with ambient sounds and familiar odors native to Preston, the images will then be enclosed within a box (a maximum of 3 will be created) and then, if possible, these boxes will be installed in the specific areas where important historical events in the area took place. This aims to immerse audiences and onlookers ina more meditative and insightful look on the history of Prestonwhich, in turn could inspire the residents, artists and other creative groups, emotionally– as history shouldn’t be forgotten.

This project was conducted through the artist-in-residence program of the Parlour Arts Laboratory in Preston, Melbourne.

The Parlour
340 Plenty Road
Preston, Melbourne, VIC
Website: http://the-parlour.org
Email: info@the-parlour.org