The Ever Increasing Distance to Life

I have been inspired byhow people interact with their televisions. I observed that through thesemachines they were able to escape to another world, to a place where they don’thave to think of their own problems, a place where they can get stories toshare to people. TV is powerful. Ever since the machine got popular, people considered it as a portal of ideas, of lost emotions, of dreams which people can use to dream as well.

Upon observation, I noticed that most of the peopletend to busy themselves so much that they forgot what it is to dream. What itis to feel the simple things around us, to breathe the fresh air, to watch theenthralling skies, the break of dawn and the entrance of dusk. We are constantly contained within our own cubicles of self-pity to earn a living, yesit is important but we must not take for granted the art that nature created for us, it’s free.