They Always Left Us With Memories

"2016 Creative Taichung" is the sixth session of the annual event, and Qing-Shui Art Village once again becomes the base of creativity. On the topic of "Somewhere in Time", this event presents the features of living crafts of Taichung by combining time and space of an old military dependents' village and living crafts. With the idea "A Proposal for Beautiful Life" as the core of exhibition planning, a national competition on creative artistic works, exhibitions of selected pieces, creative activities designed by the artists in residence, and exhibitions of the artistic works from art camps are held on the topic of "Flowers & Crafts", making people have the chance to have a beautiful time  from their encounters in the village. 

This project is a collaboration between the art group Harvest Ideation, me and the government project in Taiwan called Creative Taichung.When we started to explore the ruins of a community that once was, we see glimpses of what could have been in this area. As we are living in the now, only stories of past memories can make us think on how they lived before. In the process of creating the artwork, we collected materials from the decaying houses; in particular, we collected windows. Why a window? – it is used to symbolize the process of looking into, a symbol for daydreaming, and even, a symbol for looking into a memory.

Looking into or through a window, poses questions of curiosity as to “what could have been”, “what happens inside” but this time, since the windows are only left as debris of a house, to rot; the windows and its old damaged selves speak of a memory stored in a time where it was once a place called home.

Installation for Creative Taichung
Qingshui, Taiwan